Cheyenne Miller's Carpet Care - San Diego Area

Cheyenne Miller's Carpet Care - San Diego Area~ Carpet Cleaning 

We provide both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services.  We have a fully operational truck mount and portable equipment capabilities. 

No home is too large or too small.  We can provide maintenance services for office buildings, hotels, schools, churches, department stores, restaurants, rental properties, etc. 

Your living or work space will not only be clean, you will notice the rooms will be much fresher smelling too!

~ Upholstery Cleaning  We take great care with cleaning all types of fabric on all of your furniture, using the finest quality cleaning products.

~ Tile and Grout Cleaning  Let us use service all those stubborn cleaning issues with a "looks as good as new" result.

~ Stain Removal  We will be diligent in removing all those stubborn stains that you never thought would go away.

~ 24 Hour Emergency Service  When you have an emergency situation we are here to help. We will be quick on location to assist with flood damage and clean up.  We can also assist with restoration services. 

~ Air Duct Cleaning  Keep your breathing space clean and dust free.  Call for a quote. 

~ Pet Odor Removal  Pet accidents cause urine and their odors to soak into carpets and their corresponding layers….soaking into the carpet padding and sometime into the floors themselves. The greatest challenge is to remove the pet odors and the resulting contamination from all of the affected layers.

Cheyenne Miller's Carpet Care - San Diego Area
In most cases, a normal carpet cleaning may be all that is needed. In severe cases, the urine may soak through the carpet backing into the padding and floor beneath. If this is the case, the problem is what is known as "multi-layered". At that point effective treatment must be done to address each layer of the pet odor/pet stain problem.  We will clean the affected areas with a special neutralizer and then use a "sub-surface extraction".

The results are that the pet odors and the contamination are rinsed from all of the affected layers.  The results as with all our services are guaranteed.

Just LOOK at the results you can achieve!

Cheyenne Miller's Carpet Care Provides RESULTS!